we were told not to be this transparent because it will scare away subscribers and donors.

But we want you to know the successes we’re proud of and where we need your help. Read on for a probably-too-granular breakdown to our 2023 budget.

Already convinced?

2023 Expenses: $35,500

  • Ella Ray, Associate Editor part time stipend: $14,400
  • Amelia Rina, Editor in Chief part time stipend: $12,000
  • Jaime Salazar, Consulting Product Manager: volunteer/trade
  • Contract website developer: $2,000
  • Writers’ fees March–December: $1,500 ($150/month)
  • Cliff Notes writers’ fees March–December: $3,600 ($100/week)
  • Operating costs: $2,000

2023 Income: $38,252

So, what do all these numbers mean?

Thanks to the generosity of Critical Minded and our subscribers, Variable West will continue empowering the West Coast art community for another year!

Thinking about long-term sustainability, any additional revenue from 2023 will be put toward 2024’s budget. The goal is to be financially independent for many years to come.

How can you make a difference?

Consistent monthly income is vital to paying writers and artists sustainable wages.

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We’re in this together.

It may sound hyperbolic, but we really think we can change the art world for the better.

The fact is, the art world has been dominated by white male opinions for centuries. It has a broken economic model that celebrates exploitation and systemic marginalization. We love art, and want to build the community we deserve.