Variable West aims to increase engagement with the West Coast art world while nurturing both regional communities and international conversations.

Founded during the chaotic summer of 2020 by Portland-based writer and editor Amelia Rina, Variable West is the first platform to provide a comprehensive calendar of art events on the West Coast of the United States.

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone. By aggregating information about gallery and museum exhibitions, performances, screenings, lectures, and more, Variable West provides a dynamic resource for anyone interested in art—from artists, art writers, and veteran museum-goers to people looking to engage with art for the first time.

No one should be excluded from a community for lack of funds. That’s why we’ll never hide content behind paywalls or require membership fees for exhibition and event listings. Instead, we hope our community will see the value in this resource by engaging with the platform and, if economically viable, show support by becoming monthly subscribers or giving one-time donations.

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Great art can be found in all kinds of environments, from big cities to small towns and everything in between. We welcome event listing submissions from anywhere in California, Oregon, or Washington, and hope to showcase the amazing creators across our region.

Diversity and Accessibility

The art world has a long history of systemic racism, exploitation, and exclusion of marginalized groups. Variable West hopes to enable measurable change in that trend by requiring all event listings to include information about their event’s and organization’s diversity and accessibility features. For more information on the requirements and terms, see our Diversity and Accessibility page


We believe financial transparency is essential to a resilient art community. As this platform and our budget grow, we share information about how we use funds to reinvest in the art community.

Every dollar donated helps us get this website up and running. Once we reach certain fundraising goals, we will be able to expand to other projects like commissioning editorial content, collaborating with artists on limited edition works, and hosting events. 


Our ultimate goal is to reach a rate of $1/word for writers, which exceeds the rate deemed fair for an organization this size by W.A.G.E (Working Artists and the Greater Economy). As we get established, we are fundraising to ensure we can continue paying flat rates for reviews, interviews, and essays. Read more on our Call for Pitches page.

Land Acknowledgement

Though Variable West covers all of California, Oregon, and Washington, we are physically located in Portland, Oregon, on the unceded territories of the Clackamas and Cowlitz nations. Learn more and find out what native land(s) you live on.