Critical analyses of contemporary art

A canvas is divided roughly in half with blocky abutting picture planes that echoe Diebenkorn, and a strange, flattened depth of space akin to Matisse’s interiors. The top half shows a figure lying awake in bed, tucked in and trying to sleep. In a line vertically from the top of her head are several yellow and blue painted question marks. Below her, in the bottom half of the canvas is another figure who looks to be reclining in a bath. Sheff painted her head from several different angles, like she’s shaking her it in confusion or dismay. There’s a clear feeling of restlessness here from both characters: one trying to find sleep but with a questioning, anxious mind, and the other also struggling for peace in a soothing bath.

Insatiable Exuberance: Daisy May Sheff at Ratio 3

When you walk into Ratio 3, one of the first artworks you encounter doesn’t initially seem like it’s part of the exhibition. Olive Girl (2021) is a tiny assemblage of beads and rubber on a painted piece of metal that looks like a salvaged bit of packaging material. Here the artist shows an abstracted pink…