The words "TIME BASED ART FESTIVAL" in bold, centered against a green background. Various information about the show above and below.

Time-Based Art Festival

It is a time for us to come together in celebration of experimental works and ideas and to push the boundaries of what it means to make

A still from a video, in which a hand presses a photo onto a green grid using blue painters tape, beside other black and white photos of similar sizes.

Feel Good Pictures

Draped materials, abbreviated bodies and virtual workspaces combine in tenuous arrangements to suggest provisional order and structure

Three men hold the heads of Chinese dragons over their heads. Two of them stand on a table and tuck their white shirts into the legs and feet of the dragon. Another stands atop a pile of six red benches. Behind them is a black curtain; and beside them is a red drum and a banner, on which are printed numerous chinese characters.

Seeing Sound

‘Seeing Sound’ is a series of exhibitions that explores sound as a material and dynamic branch of contemporary art practices.