Geometric black and orange intricate, abstracted line work against a white background.

Yulia Pinkusevich: Very Yellow-White Flash

Round Weather’s first solo show highlights the powerful work of Yulia Pinkusevich. Born in Kharkov, Ukraine, the bodies of work represented range in tone from Pinkusevich’s scarily prescient Isorithm series based in a declassified military manual for mapping predictions of the impacts of nuclear bomb airbursts to her grandly soothing Sakha series meditating on connections with the ancient Siberian spirituality of her ancestors.

A Still from "This Meeting is Being Recorded," A woman sits in the dark, one leg tucked beneath her on her chair, the other outstretched. Her arms hug her as her gaze glances upwards.

Andrea Fraser: This meeting is being recorded

Since the 1980s, Andrea Fraser (b. 1965, Billings, Montana) has achieved renown for performances that interrogate social structures with incisive analysis, humor, and pathos. Fraser continues this investigation with This meeting is being recorded, a performance-based video exploring formations of race, gender, and age in an intergenerational group of seven self-identified white women.

The words "a line and a long gaze" meander across a hazy pink/purple background. Artist names are listed on the side.

The Cold Read: A Line And A Long Gaze

Each phase of The Cold Read builds on itself to create a space for the participating artists to initiate and engage in critical discussions, through prompt-based exhibitions and by simply hanging out with one another.

1989 Part II

This second installment of 1989 brings the work of established and emerging artists from Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Poland, Cuba, Suriname, USA, China, Iran, and New Zealand. Their works offer poetic and philosophical reflections on the exhibition theme through a range of experimental video and documentary film, photography, digital animation, music composition, poetry, and performance.