A person in a red tank top and white pants stads in a room of wall hung sculptural works.


Studio 203 is pleased to present spooling, a group exhibition of new and recent works by three-person artist collective Spool.

Four similarly geometric objects sit equally spaced apart on a semicircular white table.


In CAIRNATOPIA, artist Nan Curtis presents a distinctive cache of found objects and constructed forms. This new body of work showcases various mediums, including; kiln-formed glass, construction flags, and springs from an old mattress. Intensely personal possessions, a handmade indigo-dyed and woven rug, diaries, childhood dolls, boxes of ashes from deceased pets, and the urn of the artist’s father coalesce, carefully and precariously, arranged in piles, stacks – cairns.

A highly abstracted, geometric composition features textured rectangular elements of orange, pink, and deep blue.

Where The Future Can Meet

This collaborative installation by Marcelo Fontana and Katherine Spinella utilizes light, fabric, text, moving, and still image to create a space for reflection on topics of transparency, opacity, grief, and longing centered around post-photographic sentiments.

Textile collage in a neutral palette by Virsik Leah


Virsik’s works contain thread and stitching, painted over self-portraits, silk organza, prints and old business cards, and dots and holes, all which reveal and conceal.

Blue is Our Color

These symbols are put in dialogue with contemporary large-scale fabric collages, eye-catching abstractions, and cyanotype photographs of the 2020 demonstrations against police brutality. As a visual thread, blue (and by extension, ideas of Blackness and African-ness) is shown to hold much more than stagnant history and simplistic ideas of identity.