A large swath of denim fabric is decorated with fabric sewn elements of a large yellow circle, orange and green grids, a red hand reaching towards a green door, and gold and silver jugs accompanied by palm trees.

Padma Rajendran: Unfamiliar Thresholds

SE Cooper Contemporary is honored to present Unfamiliar Thresholds, a solo exhibition by Padma Rajendran. The exhibition is on view from May 21st to June 25th, 2022. There will be an Opening Reception May 21st from 1-4pm, Gallery Hours are Saturday 11-5 and by appointment.

Zig zagging lines of blue and grey create the illusion of motion, movement, confusion.

A Sieve for Infinity

The artists selected for the exhibition test materials and technology, both
traditional and modern, incorporating handcrafted and industrial production.

Rusted chains droop into the frame and hover above the ground.

ektor garcia: matéria prima

Pieces are often reconfigured; textiles are made and unmade—undoing the knots as important as reknotting, reweaving to generate new points of connection and relation.

A quilt collects squares of fabric with names and dates stitched in simple colors.

Quilt Bloc

Quilt Bloc brings forth and puts into question the quilts on display: bringing together the local history of Oregon craft and textile work with contemporary artists who, in their work, tease apart expectations of craft objects, material realities, and dominant historical narratives.