Two figures lying on the floor are tangled, limbs intertwined, and knit together using a number of soft textured and multi-patterned fabrics.

Maria A. Guzmán Capron: Celaje

Through a combination of hand-sewn textiles and paints, Capron joins together an array of patterns and striking colors to fashion bodily forms. Merging figuration with abstraction, these works explore cultural hybridity, pride, and the competing desires to assimilate and to be seen. 

Each portion of a grid with four quadrants is made distinct by the color of its feverish squiggles, it's geometric shadows and its interruptive lines, both fore- and backgrounded.

Molly Vaughan: Project 42

Through the creation of garments and diverse collaborative memorial actions, Vaughan raises awareness of the violence that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, particularly trans women of color, face in contemporary American society with “42” referencing the average lifespan of someone in this community.