Various symbols, musical and otherwise, arranged on a brown tarp hanging on a wall.

Raven Chacon: American Ledger No. 1 (Live Performance)

American Ledger No. 1 is a narrative score for performance, telling the creation story of the founding of the United States of America. In chronological descending order, moments of contact, enactment of laws, events of violence, the building of cities, and erasure of land and worldview are mediated through graphic notation, and realized by sustaining and percussive instruments, coins, axe and wood, a police whistle, and a match.

Three men hold the heads of Chinese dragons over their heads. Two of them stand on a table and tuck their white shirts into the legs and feet of the dragon. Another stands atop a pile of six red benches. Behind them is a black curtain; and beside them is a red drum and a banner, on which are printed numerous chinese characters.

Seeing Sound

‘Seeing Sound’ is a series of exhibitions that explores sound as a material and dynamic branch of contemporary art practices.

A large, craggy-edged and shiny black rock surrounded by bright yellow archway with a reflective pink background.

Pangea: Hannah Newman

Carnation Contemporary is pleased to present Pangea, a solo show featuring recent work by Hannah Newman. Pangea releases a stream of potential energy from language and inanimate objects, sending resources and bodies into intersecting orbits.