A series of interconnected red, green, and black wires drape from the ceiling.

Drum Listens to Heart

Drum Listens to Heart weaves different forms of percussion together — physical and socio-political, literal and metaphorical — and juxtaposes instances of impact and vibration with forms of control, emancipation, and community-building. It offers a framework and a vocabulary that binds art and politics to each other in percussive ways.

You Must Be Held

In You Must be Held, Freeman quietly, and often unexpectedly, invents rituals that begin to mobilize this rage through acts of self-reflection and care.

Two dark complexioned men sit in front of a green screen of a background showing an ominous orange sky. The one on the left is wearing a white cowboy hat, a black vest, and jeans, while the one on the right wears a yellow cap, black shirt, and jeans.


For the past 25 years Pa,Sacio Davinci has made films with actors and significant individuals from the South LA neighborhood, weaving Hollywood tropes with hallucinogenic dream-like visuals that expand beyond generic conceptions of everyday filmmaking.

Come watch what Steven Spielberg described as “A wonderful show!” and listen to Davinci’s new journal of music, including “Gospel High Pop and The New Up-Beat Gospel Rap” in the gardens and grounds of the Velaslavasay Panorama.

by Alison Knowles: A Retrospective (1960–2022)

Best known as a core member of Fluxus, the avant-garde art group founded in 1962, Alison Knowles has created groundbreaking experiments that have influenced contemporary art and artists for over fifty years. This is the first comprehensive exhibition of her work, spanning the entire breadth of her still-active career, from her intermedia works of the 1960s to participatory and relational art from the 2000s.

Various symbols, musical and otherwise, arranged on a brown tarp hanging on a wall.

Raven Chacon: American Ledger No. 1 (Live Performance)

American Ledger No. 1 is a narrative score for performance, telling the creation story of the founding of the United States of America. In chronological descending order, moments of contact, enactment of laws, events of violence, the building of cities, and erasure of land and worldview are mediated through graphic notation, and realized by sustaining and percussive instruments, coins, axe and wood, a police whistle, and a match.