A photograph of what seems to be decorated plain cookies in a bag

a fairy show II

The Lost-race theory describes fairies as historical colonized subjects. What killed the Spirit and the Native but the betrayal of good will and weaponised metals?

A four-point, star-shaped canvas covered in an abstract pattern of neone green, red, purple, and blue is mounted on a white wall.

Gary Lang: S T A R S

At Quint Gallery (7655 Girard Avenue), S T A R S, a solo exhibition of new work by Gary Lang will run from June 4 – July 30. 

These recent large-scale works represent an evolution of Lang’s process: S T A R S are a shift to a new shape as well as medium after years of painting meditative gradations of concentric circles. This transition arrived through the pandemic’s unrest, a lack of peace which led Lang to invigorate a new shape and discover a boundless power in the anatomy of a four-pointed star.

A purple poster promoting the show "HARD WOOD"; a still-life painting of assorted objects sits front and center.

Lionel Vance: HARD WOOD

The Factory presents HARD WOOD, a solo exhibition and first post-graduate show for Lionel Vance, featuring works for Seattle’s Queer art walk. The exhibition explores ideas of comfort and newfound queerness that many of us form with companionship.

Below a vast sky of, the sea is fed by a system of rivers. The sun blazes in the corner, above purple mountains. Nearby, reclining figures overlook.

Emily Kepulis: Water Briefed

he project was funded by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. In tandem with the show Water Briefed, a book featuring the series will be for sale.