In a photo of a gallery space, the title of a show "Unstable Presence" printed on a blue wall with white letters, a blurred person walks through the frame.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Unstable Presence

Air and water, music and voices, text and light — these are materials of media artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Over the past few decades, the artist has earned international recognition for large-scale participatory installations that frequently incorporate technology and the architecture of public spaces.

On two white panels, knots and tangles of orange, yellow, black and hints of blue are arranged in two clusters that nearly mirror each other.

Joan Mitchell

Joan Mitchell will be a comprehensive retrospective featuring approximately 80 distinguished works.

Photograph of a grid wall of black and white square prints, before which are arranged desks, chairs, and a long table. A sign with the word "Director" rests on one of the desks.

Off the Wall

Five contemporary artists expand upon earlier efforts to break free from the confines of the picture frame by transforming photographs into sculpture, including them in complex installations, projecting them onto various surfaces, even creating custom furniture for their display.

A portion of a sheet of music, the title reading "Princes and Powers (After Baldwin). In between the top two clefs, lyrics reading "speech in the afternoon, dealing with the relation between ... today can be summed up thus, said Cesaire: that" is spaced out, to match the rhythm of the written music.

Charles Gaines: New Work

The conceptual artist’s new works emerge from research into the Dred Scott Decision of 1857, which decreed that Black people were not U.S. citizens and therefore could not sue for their right to freedom.

A film still showing a collage of scenes. Two circles show one scene of a light skinned man reading The Berlitz Self-Teacher textbook "French." One circle floats slightly left of the center, while the other recedes into the lower right corner. The background is abstract shapes and colors, mostly green, grey, and black.

No Time to Rest! Film Series

Film at SFMOMA joins forces with arts and nonprofit institutions across the U.S. working collectively as the Feminist Art Coalition, an initiative organized around feminist thought and practice.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art façade viewed from the park across the street. Pink flowers frame the bottom left corner of the image.

SFMOMA Reopens to the Public October 4

After more than six months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SFMOMA embraces a heightened focus on visitor and staff health and safety and is implementing new precautionary measures for reopening.