Mixed media collage with gelatin silver prints, ink and pigment, against a background of vertically aligned strips of tape. Loosely grouped elements in the largely black and white collage include photos of figures, fixed using blue and red tape, as well as a paperclip—the largest of which include a medium shot of an individual wearing a hoodie, a body-length shot of another with dark hair swept across their face, standing with legs crossed, a cut-out of someone lying on their back with their arms crossed, two hands, a body-length shot from the back of a naked individual, carrying their shoes, with writing in blue-ink pen superimposed, etc.

Casemore Kirkeby: Monumental

Each of these works host a unique backstory that celebrates their existence and reminds us of what makes the long-term collaborations we have as a gallery so important and worthwhile, and why we return to them year after year.

A photograph of a person in a red fluffy sweater trimming another persons short, deep blue hair. The person receiving the haircut is wearing a blue t-shirt. Both people are Black.


Offline presents photographs from the 1970s-current as an examination of social dissolution over the passage of time, creating an exhibition as a homage to city life. Featuring historical and contemporary selections, Offline examines the city from a psychic space, a reimagining of the city as a studio, a place of resistance, a place of collective memory.