A curvy, ruby red vase takes on distorted and jumbled, caricature-esc features of a devil, including horns and a cartoony grin.

tierra de GIGANTES | Iván Carmona

The works are representative of his own personal experiences, which come together to reconstruct the landscape and culture of his homeland, manifesting a synesthetic fantasy of shape and color.

The words, "In Crystalized time," in translucent text, hovers before a blurred, ice blue background.

In Crystalized Time

The pursuits of the works reach beyond a trivial goal like mimicking digital gestures, though that tactic is a common component in the works

Diana Al-Hadid: Archive of Longings

Diana Al-Hadid’s work explores the interplay between the female body and the European art canon; Syrian, Muslim, and immigrant histories and mythologies; and architectural icons and the natural world.

The words "Here and Now" in large print, as well as show information, featured artists and PlayGround Team, superimposed in white against a wall of peeling paint.

Here And Now

With all the current events unfolding throughout the world we are striving to find the connection between art and modern times.

A black object hanging against a white wall resembles undulating mountains, or waves in the ocean, with sharp peaks and smoothed valleys.

Stefanie Victor

Small in scale, the works relate to the body and it’s trace movements, as well as domestic infrastructure and hardware, and are made from a range of materials including metal, glass, ceramic and concrete.

A clear box full of multi-sized cream and yellow cubes casts a long shadow against a white wall.

Gina Han: Recollection

These works are not derivative of any specific work yet their immediacy and profound release of control feel important, challenging and joyous all at once.