A projection of an asian-influenced city scape at night lit up by neon signage hangs in a gallery space.

APICC presents Grow Our Souls

Inspired by Grace Lee Boggs, Grow Our Souls showcases twelve artists who are reimagining labor in an era of climate change and late-stage capitalism. From yoga mat paintings celebrating Black and Brown humanity to seed installations speculating sustainable food futures, artists present sumptuous and abundant possibilities while illuminating industry practices that maintain labor inequities.

On the surface of a square with crude edges radiate exact circles, etched into what looks like a rose gold brass, from the center to the far edges.


Ironically and satisfyingly, the highly intellectual process of creating these works — grounded in physics and color theory — generates supremely sensuous and transcendent paintings.

Photograph of an old white theatre before brown green desert hills, the name neon "GEM" blank white in the daylight and "STAR WARS" fixed on the marquee.

Ingeborg Gerdes: Out West

Her fascination with the American West began with a road trip to Nevada in 1982 and became a decade-long project, and her German upbringing allowed for a curious yet critical outsider’s outlook of America.