Poster for "NUESTRO CAMINO EXHIBITION," with the dates, address and other misc. information running along the bottom against a hot pink background. A large, white cowboy hat dominates the foreground, with a hazy gold backdrop, a view of a vintage car through a window, and glimmering text hovering behind and above.

Nuestro Camino

Natalia has put together a very unique and talented artist group to create a very memorable gallery experience.

The text "24 HOURS" in red is stitched into a quilt using fabric and thread, with black and yellow lines protruding to the left, imitating a neon sign. All displayed in reclaimed oak frame.

Other Environments

Gifts from friends, objects collected while traveling, and family heirlooms infuse each piece with narrative, history and a quiet sense of familiarity.

A painting of a table cluttered in draped cloth, fruit, clear glass vessels, miniatures of paintings from art history, and other tchotchkes

Sherrie Wolf: Memento

In Memento, Sherrie Wolf explores our attachment to familiar objects, highlighting the beauty in both the glossy and the mundane.