Three men cry out in angst in a black and white photograph.

Jeremy Shaw: Liminals

Born in Vancouver and now based in Berlin, Jeremy Shaw explores altered states and the cultural and scientific practices that attempt to capture transcendental experience. The artist draws on and often combines the strategies of documentary filmmaking, music video, conceptual art, and scientific research to create a space of ambiguity in which disparate belief systems and histories are thrown into interpretive limbo.

A photographer apparently in their studio looks through the viewfinder of their camera while seated. The camera lens is pointed towards the viewer and the photographer's face is obscured by their camera.

Monsen Photography Lecture: Paul Mpagi Sepuya

The Henry is excited to welcome Paul Mpagi Sepuya as this year’s Monsen Photography Lecture speaker. This annual lecture brings key makers and thinkers in photographic practice to the Henry. Paul Mpagi Sepuya (b. 1982, San Bernardino, CA) is a Los Angeles-based artist working in photography and Associate Professor in Media Arts at the University of California, San Diego.

In front of a fenced park, a group of six are arranged before the camera—three of them kneeling, two of them standing, shirtless, facing away, and one at the top of the triangle, straight-faced.

All of Us All of Us

All of Us All of Us centers on contemporary projects born of collaboration and mentorship and challenges the familiar concept of a solitary photographer addressing aesthetic, technical or socio-political concerns.