Figures sit, lay, lounge, curl, and bury their bodies into themselves on bed-like structures, arranged together on the far end of a dark room. The words "Come On In" hover, superimposed, before soft gold light.

Faye Driscoll: Come on In

Faye Driscoll: Come On In, the artist’s first exhibition to date, creates a space of gathering that invites us to encounter, and carry forth, this intangible connection.

The words "TIME BASED ART FESTIVAL" in bold, centered against a green background. Various information about the show above and below.

Time-Based Art Festival

It is a time for us to come together in celebration of experimental works and ideas and to push the boundaries of what it means to make

Bending, leaning, and with outstretched arms, an image captures five individuals mid-dance, along a dirt path, dividing a dense and lush forested area.


he composition is collectively devised, continuously revealing emergent poetics within the stream of images, movements, and sonics.

DIG: A Hole To Put Your Grief

DIG: A Hole To Put Your Grief In, a project by Cara Levine and supported by the AJU’s Institute for Jewish Creativity, is a week-long performance of digging a large-scale hole in the ground, around which other artists will utilize the site as a container for new works relating to grief and mourning, after a year of great collective loss.