by Alison Knowles: A Retrospective (1960–2022)

Best known as a core member of Fluxus, the avant-garde art group founded in 1962, Alison Knowles has created groundbreaking experiments that have influenced contemporary art and artists for over fifty years. This is the first comprehensive exhibition of her work, spanning the entire breadth of her still-active career, from her intermedia works of the 1960s to participatory and relational art from the 2000s.

A Still from "This Meeting is Being Recorded," A woman sits in the dark, one leg tucked beneath her on her chair, the other outstretched. Her arms hug her as her gaze glances upwards.

Andrea Fraser: This meeting is being recorded

Since the 1980s, Andrea Fraser (b. 1965, Billings, Montana) has achieved renown for performances that interrogate social structures with incisive analysis, humor, and pathos. Fraser continues this investigation with This meeting is being recorded, a performance-based video exploring formations of race, gender, and age in an intergenerational group of seven self-identified white women.

A person wearing silver makeup wearing a bell jar-shaped helmet with a circle cut out for their face stands in front of a black wall, arm gesturing out and mouth slightly open. A radio frequency line cuts across the image.

Hello World

Experience a radical sci-fi fantasy in Hello World, a live performance and video game by Genevieve Quick at McEvoy Foundation for the Arts. Performers encounter a black hole, the multiverse, and signal outages as they communicate between the fictional Planet Celadon and Earth.