A figure facing away from the camera is draped in fabric with the right hand above their head, fingers spread apart. They are surrounded by orange and pink colored lighting.

jaamil olawale kosoko: Syllabus for Black Love/ the hold

The Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at PNCA is pleased to announce the hold, an installation by jaamil olawale kosoko exhibited in partnership with the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) as part of their twentieth annual Time-Based Art Festival, happening September 8–18, 2022.

Two people stand in an empty room bathed in blue light, their back turned. Text: MOUTHBRAIN

Barnett Cohen: MOUTHBRAIN

ICA LA is pleased to present the West Coast premiere of MOUTHBRAIN, a performance written and directed by artist Barnett Cohen, on August 5 and 6, 2022 in our Field Workshop.

Two figures in round, foiled suits sit at a teal park bench next to three other brightly painted wooden picnic lunch tables. Their legs stick out from beneath the foil costumes.

Seeing You/Seeing Me: Conversation

Takahashi started making performances every day in 2014 to visualize her response to social, cultural, and political questions in her new home country. After her multiple solo public performances, she named this project “Seeing You/Seeing Me”, which stems from her feelings on visibility/invisibility in US society. In 2021-2022, Takahashi is expanding this project into a community participatory project happening in multiple US locations with the hope to share the feeling with others.

In this exhibition, Takahashi shares documentation from this expanded version of “Seeing You/Seeing Me” from her first-time visit to GA in 2020, and her recent visit to MA in 2021. Takahashi also presents a sound installation with Adrian McBride in the courtyard during the opening.

Two individuals are tangled, together, on a bed of newspapers. One sits upright; the other is curled around their body, in their lap.

Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters: Long Playing

Viewers of Long Playing have found evidence of a mercurial relationship, a critique of capitalism, an unfolding ritual, and transformation, both glacial and instantaneous. It calls on fictitious guides, animal instincts, and a long history of making together.

To and from a wall of paintings, miniature figures wander, kneel, lay, gaze.

Donna Huanca: MAGMA SLIT

Huanca’s installations encompass painting, sculpture, and live performance, and are characteristically created for, and integrated with, the specific architectural spaces in which they are presented.