Two figures lying on the floor are tangled, limbs intertwined, and knit together using a number of soft textured and multi-patterned fabrics.

Maria A. Guzmán Capron: Celaje

Through a combination of hand-sewn textiles and paints, Capron joins together an array of patterns and striking colors to fashion bodily forms. Merging figuration with abstraction, these works explore cultural hybridity, pride, and the competing desires to assimilate and to be seen. 

Faded rectangular blotches, arranged in an uneven grid on top of a window pane, blur otherwise arbitrary boundaries of color.

Jinie Park: Windows

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Windows, new abstract works by Jinie Park that combine painting and sculpture, and feature radiant color washes on cut-out canvases.

A figure, smiling, is slightly blurred in the right of the frame. To the left, a red-washed image of a man looking upward glitches into view.

Nobody’s Fool

The title, Nobody’s Fool, is respectfully borrowed from the poem Resolution #1003 by June Jordan.