A series of interconnected red, green, and black wires drape from the ceiling.

Drum Listens to Heart

Drum Listens to Heart weaves different forms of percussion together — physical and socio-political, literal and metaphorical — and juxtaposes instances of impact and vibration with forms of control, emancipation, and community-building. It offers a framework and a vocabulary that binds art and politics to each other in percussive ways.

You Must Be Held

In You Must be Held, Freeman quietly, and often unexpectedly, invents rituals that begin to mobilize this rage through acts of self-reflection and care.

A black and white surrealist pattern on paper featuring natural motifs

Night Vision

Gray Loft Gallery is delighted to present Night Vision – curated by Isaac Jasper Amala.…

An orange, apocalyptic style landscape with rainbows overarching. Text: Rainbows to the Anthropocene.

Rainbows to the Anthropocene

A solo painting show by Travis Frazelle at Lakewold Gardens, Lakewood WA, “Rainbows to the Anthropocene,” is an exhibit of contrasting metaphors in bold imagery exploring the new age of human’s dominating influence on the environment and our imperiled connection to and memory of a vibrant Earth.

Works by Nathan Lam

This exhibition features works created over the past nine years by NIAD artist Nathan Lam. A survey of the artist’s practice, this collection includes works on paper that predate his time in the NIAD Studio. From charcoal still life drawings, to comic style illustrations branded with his signature “Lamic”, and generously applied acrylic paintings of mountains inspired by a summer trip to Alaska. We offer a look into the different ways Nathan Lam works. 

Delicately drawn graphite grid with individually painted squares of varying shades of blue gansai tambi paint.

Easy Breezy

PDX CONTEMPORARY ART is pleased to present Easy Breezy— a casual summer group show featuring new work by our gallery artists, plus a few surprises.