Bright blue color on a bumpy and tubular sculpture is covered in white, snow-like glaze with colored tubes jutting out.

2022 PNCA MFA Thesis Exhibition

The Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies and PNCA at Willamette University are pleased to present the 2022 Thesis Exhibitions displaying the culminating projects of both Undergraduate and Graduate students. Opening to the public May 26th, 2022 and running through June 12th, 2022. Gallery hours 12-4pm, Thursday – Sunday. Join us for light fare and refreshments on Thursday, June 2nd from 5-8pm at all locations as part of the First Thursday Art Walk.

From left to right: Diedrick Brackens, a man of dark brown complexion, smiles subtly towards the camera, wearing a black shirt. D’Angelo Lovell Williams, a slim man of light brown complexion, rests his foot upon a black crate. He is wearing black cotton overalls and stands against a gray background. Ashley Stull Meyers, a woman of light brown complexion wears all black against a black background. Her facial expression is placid.

Artist Talk: Diedrick Brackens, D’Angelo Lovell Williams, Ashley Stull Meyers

In collaboration with the lumber room, PNCA’s MFA in Applied Craft + Design and MFA in Visual Studies programs are thrilled to host a conversation with artists Diedrick Brackens and D’Angelo Lovell Williams, facilitated by curator Ashley Stull Meyers. This conversation will center on the work and practice of the artists and curator and their current exhibition opening at the lumber room in Portland, OR.

The words "String Fury" are bolded red and hover above the head of a person with arms outstretched like a zombie.

StaciaAnn Crusita Aguilar: String Fury

StaciaAnn Crusita Aguilar has been awarded the Spring 2022 Curatorial Fellowship and has curated an exhibition with current students and alumni works that is at once collaborative, immersive, and focused on the urgency to reconnect.

Abstract sketches of leaves and raindrops converge in the background of this advertisement, reading "Time In-Betwen: Temporal Matter(s)."

Time In-Between: Temporal Matter(s)

Time In-Between: Temporal Matter(s) is an exemplification of the desire to recreate understanding – understanding of grief, memory, knowledges, vulnerability, sacredness, futurity, and defining one’s self.