Poster for event set against a green marbled background

Joy for Juneteenth

ARTLOUDLA proudly presents our 2nd annual Juneteenth celebration of the brilliant black minds that co-create and fuel our communities here in Los Angeles and at large!

Bright, golden light shines through a window into a dark room where a person is caught in mid-movement. Their arm reaches toward the window, their body gracefully on one knee.


A collaboration between Pieter Performance Space and The Box, curated by Jennie MaryTai Liu and assistant curator Alana Frey, Knees, Schools, Urges is a performance program and exhibition which invites ten dancers / artists to grapple with documented and undocumented histories of early 20th century modern dance in the place now known as Los Angeles.

A Still from "This Meeting is Being Recorded," A woman sits in the dark, one leg tucked beneath her on her chair, the other outstretched. Her arms hug her as her gaze glances upwards.

Andrea Fraser: This meeting is being recorded

Since the 1980s, Andrea Fraser (b. 1965, Billings, Montana) has achieved renown for performances that interrogate social structures with incisive analysis, humor, and pathos. Fraser continues this investigation with This meeting is being recorded, a performance-based video exploring formations of race, gender, and age in an intergenerational group of seven self-identified white women.

The artist Genevieve Gaignard, a mixed race, white-passing woman, looks directly forward. She is dressed in a Victorian Era blue and white dress and is posed and styled in the way of 19th century portrait. She holds in her hands a plant with tangerines growing from its small branches.

Genevieve Gaignard: Strange Fruit

Vielmetter Los Angeles is pleased to present Strange Fruit, the gallery’s second solo exhibition with Genevieve Gaignard, opening Saturday, March 19 and running through May 7, 2022.

Smushed into the frame are words in large, red letters stacked on top of themselves, behind them stretch streaks of grass and something like leaves.

Lea Feinstein: PAGES

In others, entire lines of lower case text cascade across the surface of the work. Others seem an invented language and script, or suggest Hindi or Arabic alphabets.

In a dark brown wooden chair sits a deconstructed pair of light brown wooden crutches, bent and hinged together to resemble an anthropomorphic sitting form. There are wires running from the crutches to a wooden coat hanger, an IV drip hanging from one of its hooks. They are set against a plain white background atop a concrete floor.

Panteha Abareshi: This Is Not A Body

Throughout an interdisciplinary practice that includes sculpture, video, performance, and print, Los Angeles based artist Panteha Abareshi discusses the complexities of living as a chronically ill / disabled body in an ableist and normative society.