Sadie Barnette: Inheritance

Employing archival material–such as the 500-page dossier compiled by the FBI surveilling her father, Rodney Barnette, during his time in the Black Panther Party–the artist wields the personal nature of generational inheritance to inflect international political struggle with urgency, collapsing temporal distinctions of past and present.

A cartoonish house, with a stone chimney and imbricated pink tiles, squats, blubbery and soft against a similarly cartoonish backdrop of rolling, grey hills.

Catherine Wagner: Clues to Civilization

Spanning over three decades, each of the series are fortified by a rigorous examination of knowledge creation and transference, reckoning with collective historical foundations and the concept of the body politic.

An abstract figurative silkscreened work depicting eight, lilac-bodied figures. One figure floats down from the upper left corner with blue and green rays emanating from its head and hips. The figure's arms reach toward the other seven figures, and white stars cover their breasts. White streams flow toward the other seven figures, who have their arms raised toward the floating figure.

Judy Chicago: Mother Earth + Cohanim

Jessica Silverman is pleased to present two shows by Judy Chicago: “Mother Earth,” an exhibition of new and historic works expressive of the artist’s longstanding concern for the environment and climate justice; and “Cohanim,” a series of porcelain paintings, commemorating Leonard Cohen and his lyrics.