A metal structure encloses a structure made of wood piled high to the ceiling of a sparse white room.

Alison Stigora: SALVAGE

Seattle-based artist Alison Stigora draws inspiration from nature to create her exhibition SALVAGE at MadArt Studio. In this two-part, monumental sculptural installation of reclaimed driftwood, light and sound compositions, Stigora invites viewers to engage their senses and take a moment of reflection.

A highly abstracted, geometric composition features textured rectangular elements of orange, pink, and deep blue.

Where The Future Can Meet

This collaborative installation by Marcelo Fontana and Katherine Spinella utilizes light, fabric, text, moving, and still image to create a space for reflection on topics of transparency, opacity, grief, and longing centered around post-photographic sentiments.

On the right panel, a rodent-like animal holds a glowing pink orb. The right panel shows a mountain top overlayed with pink and blue flare lighting.

Maria Lux & Kyle Peets: As Above, So Below

Whether it’s looking upwards to alien flying squirrels in the sky, or downwards to anthropomorphized rocks underfoot, artists and colleagues Maria Lux and Kyle Peets seek the weird, humorous, and miraculous. In their dual exhibition, As Above, So Below, rocks become extra-terrestrial, and UFO-squirrels become terrestrial as thought circles from the ground to the sky and back.

Bright blue color on a bumpy and tubular sculpture is covered in white, snow-like glaze with colored tubes jutting out.

2022 PNCA MFA Thesis Exhibition

The Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies and PNCA at Willamette University are pleased to present the 2022 Thesis Exhibitions displaying the culminating projects of both Undergraduate and Graduate students. Opening to the public May 26th, 2022 and running through June 12th, 2022. Gallery hours 12-4pm, Thursday – Sunday. Join us for light fare and refreshments on Thursday, June 2nd from 5-8pm at all locations as part of the First Thursday Art Walk.

Peter Gronquist: RABBIT

In his first in-depth exploration of industrial grade textiles, Gronquist zeroes in on the glitches, anomalies, and irregularities of his chosen materials, which include velvet, concrete, molten aluminum, and felting wool.

On a concrete floor: Steel wine barrel hoops are placed above a panel split into four quadrants. The quadrants are painted with abstract black and grey spirals, orange lines, and geometric gold and grey elements.

Charlie Milgrim: Plane Shapes

While rigor and reason shore up Euclid’s logical system of plane geometry, Charlie Milgrim takes a more intuitive approach and renders her own geometric system of the three basic planes—the circle, square, and triangle. In Plane Shapes she creates an association of non-objective paintings and objects in which concentric and eccentric circles—one ordered, one disordered— collide with the linear edges and sharp corners of squares and triangles.