A gallery lit with orange and blue-purple light. The far back wall has a sunset over water projected onto it. There are white pedestals holding white geometric sculptures on the left and right.

Dreams of Unknown Islands

Dreams of Unknown Islands transforms the Cooley into an ecological dreamscape in which coastal shores, animal migrations, and the shifting colors of the sky are transmitted through ritual sound, projected film, and a group of functional island sculptures, commissioned for the exhibition.

The Coast is Queer

Frameline has teamed up with Tomorrow Partners for a second year to bring you Frameline46’s theme: The Coast is Queer. The tagline is a celebration of the Bay Area, and our excitement around coming together again, in community, to share the best in new LGBTQ+ cinema during Pride Month.

Barbara Hammer: Women I Love

The exhibition, like the film after which it is titled, offers an immersive introduction to the distinctive combination of technical experimentation and earnest intimacy that defined Hammer’s singular vision of lesbian identity and authorship in the 1970s. Featuring artworks made while Hammer was living in San Francisco, Women I Love comprises the most extensive presentation of Hammer’s work on the West Coast to date.

Neptune Frost

From multi-hyphenate poet and artist Saul Williams, and Rwanda-born artist Anisia Uzeyman, Neptune Frost is a thrilling anti-colonialist sci-fi musical.

In a gallery space, a number of colorful art pieces hang on white walls—the largest, center frame, being a square quilted grid of smaller squares of color.

thank you, black materials

thank you, black materials swirls in gratitude for the lifeworlds of Black material life as expressed within works by six contemporary Oregon-connected artists of African descent.

1989 Part II

This second installment of 1989 brings the work of established and emerging artists from Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Poland, Cuba, Suriname, USA, China, Iran, and New Zealand. Their works offer poetic and philosophical reflections on the exhibition theme through a range of experimental video and documentary film, photography, digital animation, music composition, poetry, and performance.