Yellow poster with two abstract human forms, one orange and one pink. Text reads: "McEvoy Foundation for the Arts. Open for exploration. Admission is free. 1150 25th St, Building B, San Francisco, CA 94107. NEXT TO YOU: May 28 - December 4, 2021.

Next to You

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts is pleased to announce ‘Next to You,’ an exhibition of…

A scene filmed from a flying drone looking down on a large US flag design made out of brown soil. The flag consists of a large rectangle of soil in the upper left corner and seven long stripes of soil mimicking the flag's stripes. Under the soil are irregular stripes of light and dark blue. In the lower right corner of the image a person is dancing. The body's shadow extends diagonally toward the upper right corner. The person's arms are raised.

Ariel René Jackson: Descendance

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery is pleased to premiere Ariel René Jackson’s Descendance, a drone-shot video featuring interdisciplinary tap dance artist Michael J. Love and an original score by jazz musician Joseph C. Dyson Jr.

A person in a space helmet stands and civilian clothes in a dry grass field above a canyon with a river running through it. The photograph's colors are surreal, with a turquoise sky and intense saturation.

Mako Miyamoto: Jitaku

Photographer and filmmaker Mako Miyamoto cultivates a world of his own creation in his latest exhibit: Jitaku. Making expert use of infrared color and character design, the artist captures epic landscapes as you’ve never seen them before.

A film still showing a collage of scenes. Two circles show one scene of a light skinned man reading The Berlitz Self-Teacher textbook "French." One circle floats slightly left of the center, while the other recedes into the lower right corner. The background is abstract shapes and colors, mostly green, grey, and black.

No Time to Rest! Film Series

Film at SFMOMA joins forces with arts and nonprofit institutions across the U.S. working collectively as the Feminist Art Coalition, an initiative organized around feminist thought and practice.