Photograph of a green metal desk underneath which a monitor is playing a video of a hand raising and lowering the hem of a skirt up and down a leg.

The Longest Leg

Does trauma take a singular point of view, like a monologue? Or does it stretch beyond the silo of the psyche, skulking into narrative environments, social interactions, and even conceptions of a fragmented selfhood? Emmanuela Soria Ruiz’s videos, sculptures, installations, and drawings in her solo exhibition The Longest Leg subvert power dynamics implicit within the act of looking.

A creature with red skin and a black nose holds a mirror before itself—beyond the mirror, an image of an individual with bronze gold hair and pink skin hands beside a mask of a face, a ski mask, and another work of art.

Chris Fallon: Irresistible Deception

In this new body of work, Fallon — known for his striking images of ambiguous figures that both draw on and challenge existing traditions of portraiture — explores how the practice of collecting shapes the fashioning of domestic space.

The words "Here and Now" in large print, as well as show information, featured artists and PlayGround Team, superimposed in white against a wall of peeling paint.

Here And Now

With all the current events unfolding throughout the world we are striving to find the connection between art and modern times.

Two bodies, their body hair, features, and proportions cartoonishly and lovingly exaggerated, are tangled in pleasure, one enwrapped in the legs of another.

Jeffrey Cheung: Did you know love is healing?

Cheung’s paintings repel ideas of heteronormativity and stress the idea that representation matters. The ambiguous characters, undefinable by race or gender, are instead typified by the joy that they share, and the light they spark in one another.

In a brilliant display of cosmologies, color, flora, and element, this landscape work blends saturated and undulating movement with a sense of metaphysical wonder.

Christine Nguyen

Christine’s works are created by drawing and painting on layered mylar to produce a composite image that functions as a photographic negative.

Bulbous, bloated, tentacle-like arms coil at the bottom of the frame, above and out of which woven ropes tangle and coil upward, toward a surface.

Kinke Kooi: The Grotesk of Raising

The show brings together a selection of recent works that explore crucial ideas that the artist has long explored: gender, equality, and notions of the “other.” In her intricate, inventive paintings and drawings–which can take up to a year to complete–multi-faceted feminism is woven together with a seductive, sinewy line that blurs and merges inside to outside, convex to concave, surface to depth, ornament to function, emotional to verbal, high to low, flora to fauna.