Works by Nathan Lam

This exhibition features works created over the past nine years by NIAD artist Nathan Lam. A survey of the artist’s practice, this collection includes works on paper that predate his time in the NIAD Studio. From charcoal still life drawings, to comic style illustrations branded with his signature “Lamic”, and generously applied acrylic paintings of mountains inspired by a summer trip to Alaska. We offer a look into the different ways Nathan Lam works. 

A person with a pale complexion and feathered brown bowl cut reclines onto their right arm. They are wearing a dark brown-burgundy shirt against a black background.

Adam Stamp, Cody Critcheloe, Maria Maea, Mischa Pavlovski Andresen, Nihura Montiel & Ser Serpas: From One Fetish to Another

The works seek to provoke discussion, altogether offering a sort of conference arena for various contemporary topics of conversation — concepts such as twinship and duality, gender identity, aging and fame, distorted senses of realities, the meaning of trash and waste, ancestral protection, relationships to nature, relationships to the economics of time, evolution, constant change, comfort, familiarity, repulsion, uncanny feelings of emptiness, etc. are at the foreground for this exhibition.

Blue is Our Color

These symbols are put in dialogue with contemporary large-scale fabric collages, eye-catching abstractions, and cyanotype photographs of the 2020 demonstrations against police brutality. As a visual thread, blue (and by extension, ideas of Blackness and African-ness) is shown to hold much more than stagnant history and simplistic ideas of identity.

Carlos Villa: Worlds in Collision

San Francisco-born Carlos Villa (1936–2013) was a groundbreaking American artist whose work broadened the horizons of 20th-century modernism. His search for personal and aesthetic meaning in his own Filipino heritage and global indigenous cultures led him to develop an original and expansive approach to art and the role of the artist. 

An abstracted linear metal sculpture sits against a wintery landscape.

Lee Kelly: Yucatán Revisited Exhibition Opening

The Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Yucatán Revisited, a memorial exhibition of recent sculptures and works on paper by renowned artist Lee Kelly (1932 – 2022). Join us on June 4th for the opening of Yucatán Revisited.

Uneven, uneasy blocks of grey and white hover, merge, disagree.

Work on Paper

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Julia Mangold’s new series of geometric graphite drawings…

In a gallery space, a blue orb hovers over a brown couch, and a neat row of small frames are arranged in a line on a far wall.

Katy Stone: Force Field

The title of the show expresses these relationships—the recurring forms/forces of nature, its relationship to landscape, and its mysticism.