An abstracted linear metal sculpture sits against a wintery landscape.

Lee Kelly: Yucatán Revisited Exhibition Opening

The Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Yucatán Revisited, a memorial exhibition of recent sculptures and works on paper by renowned artist Lee Kelly (1932 – 2022). Join us on June 4th for the opening of Yucatán Revisited.

Uneven, uneasy blocks of grey and white hover, merge, disagree.

Work on Paper

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Julia Mangold’s new series of geometric graphite drawings…

In a gallery space, a blue orb hovers over a brown couch, and a neat row of small frames are arranged in a line on a far wall.

Katy Stone: Force Field

The title of the show expresses these relationships—the recurring forms/forces of nature, its relationship to landscape, and its mysticism.

Sadie Barnette: Inheritance

Employing archival material–such as the 500-page dossier compiled by the FBI surveilling her father, Rodney Barnette, during his time in the Black Panther Party–the artist wields the personal nature of generational inheritance to inflect international political struggle with urgency, collapsing temporal distinctions of past and present.

Photograph of a green metal desk underneath which a monitor is playing a video of a hand raising and lowering the hem of a skirt up and down a leg.

The Longest Leg

Does trauma take a singular point of view, like a monologue? Or does it stretch beyond the silo of the psyche, skulking into narrative environments, social interactions, and even conceptions of a fragmented selfhood? Emmanuela Soria Ruiz’s videos, sculptures, installations, and drawings in her solo exhibition The Longest Leg subvert power dynamics implicit within the act of looking.