You Must Be Held

In You Must be Held, Freeman quietly, and often unexpectedly, invents rituals that begin to mobilize this rage through acts of self-reflection and care.

Textile collage in a neutral palette by Virsik Leah


Virsik’s works contain thread and stitching, painted over self-portraits, silk organza, prints and old business cards, and dots and holes, all which reveal and conceal.

Blue is Our Color

These symbols are put in dialogue with contemporary large-scale fabric collages, eye-catching abstractions, and cyanotype photographs of the 2020 demonstrations against police brutality. As a visual thread, blue (and by extension, ideas of Blackness and African-ness) is shown to hold much more than stagnant history and simplistic ideas of identity.

Split into three panels from left to right: A woman with a pale complexion with dark, reflective sunglasses on, two palm trees reflected in a bright blue swimming pool, a cream white car with it's sun roof down.

Ryan Jones: Fragments

Caldwell Snyder Gallery is pleased to present “Fragments,” a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Bay Area-based artist Ryan Jones, on view from April 16 – May 7, 2022.

A hovering hand holds a string, with a wide grip, that connects fragments of two eyes, a piece of face, against green.

Image Gardeners

In opposition to Susan Sontag’s theory that photography is a “voracious way of seeing,” an image gardener employs photographic seeing as a means of cultivation, preservation, and collaboration.