In monochromatic, soft pink hues, curtains that drape over a corner window haunt the background of this extremely faded and washed photograph.

Architecture of Dreams

Eugene Contemporary Art is proud to present Architecture of Dreams, a group exhibition that draws on surrealism as a mode of art making in response to everyday life.

A square, black and white photograph of a boy's face with another square of red centered over it, all atop an aluminum screen painted red, against a red background.

Paul Lee: Tambourine Heart

Characterized by a palpable presence of the hand, the artist’s ongoing formal experimentation and investigation of materiality returns to the same functional objects rendered into reliquary.

An amalgamation of countless smooth, crinkled, and bubbly textures, with luminous and muted shades of black. Two socks float across the center of the work, suspended to the collage with round, white push pins.

Brenna Youngblood: the LIGHT and the DARK

the LIGHT and the DARK takes as its genesis Youngblood’s experience navigating the difficulties of last year and applying her lived experiences – endured as two separate but simultaneous realities – to her practice.

Photograph hanging on a white wall. Center frame, a Black woman wearing a striped t-shirt stands before a black background, facing to the right, evoking the image of a mugshot. Behind her head on the left hangs a newspaper clipping depicting a grid of headshots of people of color below the words "IS THIS THE END?" Just before her torso hangs another clipping, this one a grid with mostly white headshots, reading "WHY IS OUR CITY COUNCIL SO WHITE?"

Sites of Memory

Sites of Memory considers how the act of remembering is a site of critical and generative excess. Contained to reverie, remembering resides in an illimitable space, extending out and in towards what was or what perhaps or what could have been.

two fabric tapestries hang on white walls, under the name of the artist, "Alexis Day," in black. On the left, the larger of the two features a woman seated in a car with the driver-side door open and both her legs outside the door, while blue mountains loom in the background and what seems to be snow spills out of the bottom frame of the painting, as part of the fabric of her tapestry transforms her two-dimensional painting into a three-dimensional piece. On the right, a woman is seated on the windowsill of an industrial-style window, and the fabric of a sofa chair opposite her spills out of the "frame" of the tapestry.

Alexis Day Faceted: Time and Expectations

Elizabeth Gallery is pleased to present Alexis Day, Faceted: Time and Expectations, an exhibition that highlights new fabric tapestries by the artist that continue her exploration of surrealistic imagery through allegory and three-dimensional space.

A color photograph of a black and white printed image crumpled and crushed so the original image is entirely destroyed, except in the center where an open mouth is mostly visible. The ink on the paper has worn off at the edges of the creases, leaving stark white lines.

Christian Marclay

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present new work by Christian Marclay. Featuring collage, video animation, and photography, the exhibition explores the visual representation of sound and voice.