A curvy, ruby red vase takes on distorted and jumbled, caricature-esc features of a devil, including horns and a cartoony grin.

tierra de GIGANTES | Iván Carmona

The works are representative of his own personal experiences, which come together to reconstruct the landscape and culture of his homeland, manifesting a synesthetic fantasy of shape and color.

The text "Ceramics: Mingei to Modern" hovers above four photos of ceramic artworks, three of which are generally spherical and another upright and cylindrical. In the bottom left of the advertisement, the address and contact information for the event are included in small print.

Ceramics: Mingei to Modern

Both functional and decorative works from the 1950s to today will describe the significant impact the mingei movement has had on the practice of JB Blunk, many of his peers and contemporary artists working with clay.

The words "Here and Now" in large print, as well as show information, featured artists and PlayGround Team, superimposed in white against a wall of peeling paint.

Here And Now

With all the current events unfolding throughout the world we are striving to find the connection between art and modern times.