An illustration of a white flower with a bold outline ⁠

OPaf 5

OPaf (Other Places art fair) features participants presenting site-specific booths encapsulating their projects and programming.

Untitled by Tranesha Smith-Kilgore, 2022, mixed media sculpture, 41 x 22 x 18 inches - A hanging multimedia sculpture made of ribbon, yarn, and bits of fabric tied together with found objects and beads.


In the studios and from home, CE artists interested in needle crafts have expanded their horizons by experimenting with technique, scale, and materials to consider their practice from the perspective of sculpture.

A crackled ghost-like figure comprised of neutral colors emerges on a canvas

Measuring Consciousness

CULT Aimee Friberg is pleased to announce Measuring Consciousness, a solo exhibition of batik painting, ceramic and stone sculptures by the artist Zhivago Duncan.

Geographic-inspired black and white graphic

Marco Maggi: Tiny Tyrannies

Maggi’s shapes suggest meaning — alphabets of unknown languages, computer circuitry, Google Earth imaging of vaguely familiar cities — but no matter how much you puzzle over them, the forms are ultimately inexplicable.