Zig zagging lines of blue and grey create the illusion of motion, movement, confusion.

A Sieve for Infinity

The artists selected for the exhibition test materials and technology, both
traditional and modern, incorporating handcrafted and industrial production.

The words "a line and a long gaze" meander across a hazy pink/purple background. Artist names are listed on the side.

The Cold Read: A Line And A Long Gaze

Each phase of The Cold Read builds on itself to create a space for the participating artists to initiate and engage in critical discussions, through prompt-based exhibitions and by simply hanging out with one another.

On a wavy rectangular object that morphs in and out of view, splotches of light green bleed against a darker green background.

Mid trip

Artists include Luz Carabano, Cara Chan, Yimiao Liu, Cheyann Washington, Amelia Lockwood, Jane Margarette, Karen Tepaz, Shana Hoehn, Roksana Pirouzmand and Michael Kennedy Costa.

A yellow Toyota truck with its bed piled high and stickers around big black letters on its truck bed drives down an empty street.

Hely Omar Gonzalez

Grounded in a neon-classical palette, Gonzalez’s cinematic landscapes and Romantic portraiture are part self-portrait, part social commentary.

A black and white photo of two cars parked in front of an old bus, a sign above all of them reading "C.C.A.C. Gallery"

The Last Wednesday Night

Before COVID, each Wednesday night the CCA community would gather on the Oakland campus for exhibition openings and events. Across the gallery spaces on and around campus, there would be art, music, food, and we would toast the accomplishments of graduating students, esteemed faculty, and distinguished alumni. 

In front of a fenced park, a group of six are arranged before the camera—three of them kneeling, two of them standing, shirtless, facing away, and one at the top of the triangle, straight-faced.

All of Us All of Us

All of Us All of Us centers on contemporary projects born of collaboration and mentorship and challenges the familiar concept of a solitary photographer addressing aesthetic, technical or socio-political concerns.