Just behind an infinitely diverse grid of color, a topography materializes, organize textures othered by a digital haze.


The jumping-off place are artworks referring to lexicons or cartography, which become metaphors for finding our place in the universe.

Yellow citrus dangles in the foreground, dripping with tantalizing flavor, green leaves of trees and a blue sky beyond it.

Awol Erizku: Scorched Earth

By subverting expectation, Erizku presents his images as a living and breathing entity—something as transformable as our personal understandings of the world.

Arches of dark brush strokes curve and overlap each other, forming something of a bridge and dripping down the whitespace at the bottom of the page.

Charlie Milgrim: Water in Motion

She works in painting, sculpture, installation, and photography, and with a wide range of materials including bowling balls, discarded objects, and folded tar paper.