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Julie Green: The Last Supper

Bellevue Arts Museum 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue

800 Plates Illustrating Final Meals of US Death Row Inmates

Free Them All: Portraits from La Resistencia

Henry Art Gallery 15th Ave NE &, NE 41st St, Seattle

La Resistencia’s #FreeThemAll campaign shares visual and narrative portraits of people detained within the Tacoma ICE Processing Center


Art on the Mind: Ten Years of Creative Aging

Frye Art Museum 704 Terry Avenue, Seattle

Designed to alleviate some of the social, emotional, and financial challenges that a person living with dementia may face, the Frye’s Creative Aging programs serve as opportunities to deepen their life experiences, foster friendships, and build community through art.


Barbara Earl Thomas: The Geography of Innocence

Seattle Art Museum 1300 1st Ave, Seattle

Barbara Earl Thomas’ new body of work carries within it the sediments of history and grapples with race and the color line. At the heart of her new work is a story of life and death, hope and resilience—a child’s survival.


Brian Sanchez and Neon Saltwater: Energy Drink

Museum of Museums 900 Boylston Ave, Seattle

Energy Drink creates a found and fabricated environment that transforms the mundane into a contemplative experience through color, interior design, lighting, and the elusive euphoria of vacant and transitory spaces.


Gary Simmons: The Engine Room

Henry Art Gallery 15th Ave NE &, NE 41st St, Seattle

His work is occupied by the unfixed nature of a past that remains open to the vagaries of memory, and its role in the construction of the character of contemporary America.


Dawn Cerny: Les Choses

Seattle Art Museum 1300 1st Ave, Seattle

They shapeshift into people, places, and blank spaces where their enigmatic titles act as prompts for possible stories, dreams, and memories to be completed by the viewer.


Patricia Hagen

Linda Hodges Gallery 316 First Ave S, Seattle

Patricia Hagen’s new monumental tree forms and ceramics exhibition opens tomorrow.


Sheila Klein: flags and monuments

i.e. gallery 5800 Cains Court, Edison

Klein, an accomplished Northwest artist, remakes the images of flags and monuments combining textile techniques including weaving, sewing and crochet. Klein softens our symbols to create a textile world. This body of work was completed over the past 4 years.  



btwMOMA 119 NW 40th Street, vancouver

The resulting artworks are playfully beautiful, witty, and wise.


Lux Aeterna

Jacob Lawrence Gallery 1915 Chelan Ln, Seattle

The project considers how works are shaped by the devices that produce them and by the networks by which they are circulated and consumed, raising timely questions about origination and ownership.

Feel Good Pictures

Specialist 300 South Washington Street, Seattle

Draped materials, abbreviated bodies and virtual workspaces combine in tenuous arrangements to suggest provisional order and structure


In Crystalized Time

Museum of Museums 900 Boylston Ave, Seattle

The pursuits of the works reach beyond a trivial goal like mimicking digital gestures, though that tactic is a common component in the works