Two individuals are tangled, together, on a bed of newspapers. One sits upright; the other is curled around their body, in their lap.

Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters: Long Playing

Viewers of Long Playing have found evidence of a mercurial relationship, a critique of capitalism, an unfolding ritual, and transformation, both glacial and instantaneous. It calls on fictitious guides, animal instincts, and a long history of making together.

To and from a wall of paintings, miniature figures wander, kneel, lay, gaze.

Donna Huanca: MAGMA SLIT

Huanca’s installations encompass painting, sculpture, and live performance, and are characteristically created for, and integrated with, the specific architectural spaces in which they are presented.

Rusted chains droop into the frame and hover above the ground.

ektor garcia: matéria prima

Pieces are often reconfigured; textiles are made and unmade—undoing the knots as important as reknotting, reweaving to generate new points of connection and relation.

A teenage sapling reaches out of a splintered tree stump, both painted in a soft, broad-stroaked forest palette.

In Comfort of Chaos

This exhibition seeks works that explores ways in which artists makes sense of time, space, and society when everything around them seems to be falling apart or shifting.

Neon bricks of black, purple, orange, pink are arranged in rows with one sitting atop the mass of others.

February 2022

Coffin’s practice is a combination of classical painting studies and skills learned working various jobs, including food display and production, fabrication, and art crating.

In a gallery space, a blue orb hovers over a brown couch, and a neat row of small frames are arranged in a line on a far wall.

Katy Stone: Force Field

The title of the show expresses these relationships—the recurring forms/forces of nature, its relationship to landscape, and its mysticism.