Textile collage in a neutral palette by Virsik Leah


Virsik’s works contain thread and stitching, painted over self-portraits, silk organza, prints and old business cards, and dots and holes, all which reveal and conceal.

Ricki Dwyer: Brass Tacks

In treating the gallery as a body, Dwyer adorns the overhead trusses like a garment. In the largest work, The Flexible Accumulation of Self Construction, he flips between the concept of the cloth as garment and the cloth as body itself.

The threads of a woven, black and white art piece fray at the bottom—the image of which is multiple black men raising their fists.

Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibition

Through installation, photography, video, painting, performance, textiles, sculpture, poetry, and printmaking, this exhibition is a microcosm of allied and conflicting political, social, and aesthetic approaches.

Light blue background with graphic, light lined stylized building with red, yellow, orange, green, and pink flames on rooftop and side left. Text on building placard says "PIGZ". Italic outline text on left of image says "Burn It Down."

Things that have to do with fire

Their newest series of video, print and large-scale textile banners focus on the social, racial and environmental upheaval during the summer of 2020. Led by the ideals of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and their own background as a radical educator, Vo’s solo show investigates the multitudes of activism and is a call for social justice and global solidarity.