Barbara Hammer: Women I Love

The exhibition, like the film after which it is titled, offers an immersive introduction to the distinctive combination of technical experimentation and earnest intimacy that defined Hammer’s singular vision of lesbian identity and authorship in the 1970s. Featuring artworks made while Hammer was living in San Francisco, Women I Love comprises the most extensive presentation of Hammer’s work on the West Coast to date.

Carlos Villa: Worlds in Collision

San Francisco-born Carlos Villa (1936–2013) was a groundbreaking American artist whose work broadened the horizons of 20th-century modernism. His search for personal and aesthetic meaning in his own Filipino heritage and global indigenous cultures led him to develop an original and expansive approach to art and the role of the artist. 

An orb, with triangular rays of mellow blues and yellows, is a hollow brown mass at its center.

Color Study

In every instance, these works are remarkable not only for the gorgeousness of color and mysteriousness of process, but also because of the tranquility they exude.

Just behind an infinitely diverse grid of color, a topography materializes, organize textures othered by a digital haze.


The jumping-off place are artworks referring to lexicons or cartography, which become metaphors for finding our place in the universe.