Two faces, crudely sketched and superimposed over each other, stare blankly. Splashes of color, ink, charcoal, sprayed paint all converge to create a chaotic backdrop, which is also seems to swallow the faces.

Daniel Crews-Chubb

He creates organically progressive quasi-figurative paintings in series which rely on a group of constructed historic or mythic characters for the work’s narrative.

Portrait of a Black woman wearing gold earrings, her hair pulled behind her head and tucked into a cow-print cowboy hat. She wears a yellow western fringe shirt and stands before a field, abutted by a treeline.

Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe

Each figure becomes a symbol of the reclamation of cultural dignity, embracing the idea of origin and personal narrative as it relates to gender and race dynamics.

An amalgamation of countless smooth, crinkled, and bubbly textures, with luminous and muted shades of black. Two socks float across the center of the work, suspended to the collage with round, white push pins.

Brenna Youngblood: the LIGHT and the DARK

the LIGHT and the DARK takes as its genesis Youngblood’s experience navigating the difficulties of last year and applying her lived experiences – endured as two separate but simultaneous realities – to her practice.