Light blue background with graphic, light lined stylized building with red, yellow, orange, green, and pink flames on rooftop and side left. Text on building placard says "PIGZ". Italic outline text on left of image says "Burn It Down."

Things that have to do with fire

Their newest series of video, print and large-scale textile banners focus on the social, racial and environmental upheaval during the summer of 2020. Led by the ideals of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and their own background as a radical educator, Vo’s solo show investigates the multitudes of activism and is a call for social justice and global solidarity.

A bright and colorful mosaic made of ceramic shards, woven grass fans, and string. The mosaic depicts an abstract portrait of a sharp toothed police officer with one hand raised in a "stop" gesture.

Figurative Summer

The works of four emerging artists encompass veins of both abstraction and figuration and represent the body in radical ways to tell stories and explore vital social concerns.