Two bodies, their body hair, features, and proportions cartoonishly and lovingly exaggerated, are tangled in pleasure, one enwrapped in the legs of another.

Jeffrey Cheung: Did you know love is healing?

Cheung’s paintings repel ideas of heteronormativity and stress the idea that representation matters. The ambiguous characters, undefinable by race or gender, are instead typified by the joy that they share, and the light they spark in one another.

A rough, grey, ceramic and porcelain sculpture of a stylized head. The rectangular face has faint, almond-shaped eyes, two horns on the top of the head, with a deep split between the horns extending down to the nose. The head's mouth is a hole that extends through the center of the sculpture.

Kyle Lypka & Tyler Cross: I Surrender

Some words have surprising origins. Surrender isn’t one of them. Its roots are Old French for “over” (sur-) and “give back, present, yield” (rendre). Blatant pieces of a blatant first principle. Large as these stones, a white flag waving. —gin hart.