Below a vast sky of, the sea is fed by a system of rivers. The sun blazes in the corner, above purple mountains. Nearby, reclining figures overlook.

Emily Kepulis: Water Briefed

he project was funded by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. In tandem with the show Water Briefed, a book featuring the series will be for sale.

A naked individual with brown hair lies on their side on a couch, adorned with a number of colorful, patterned blankets.

Modern Folk

Stephanie Chefas Projects rings in 2022 with Modern Folk, a group exhibit featuring five West Coast artists who express distinct cultural identity through folk art traditions.

Out of a pixelated blizzard, the corners of a room sink into view, and the shape of a sink emerges from the wall.

random (8)

This painstaking and lengthy process of installation deserves an in-person pilgrimage as photo documentation cannot represent the experience of being enveloped in this organized chaos.