Animal hair and shards of glass are fixed onto a wide bracelet, which sits on white textured fabric.

Douglas Wiltshire: Cocooning

Douglas Wiltshire’s thesis exhibition, Cocooning, gleans vessels of death through jewelry, sculpture, and found objects in order to understand how spirit inhabits inert material.

Bloodied teeth, tape, and either plastic or glass rest on satin red fabric. The flash from a camera creates shimmers in the fabric and the front few teeth.

Madison Queen: The Gallery of Metamorphics

Madison Queen’s thesis exhibition The Gallery of Metamorphics pictures the underlying fearful, sexual, and absurd desires embedded in commercial beauty and fetish products that (re)form our conceptions of selfhood through photography.

some rites from a spring reckoning

PNCA’s Low-Residency MFA in Visual Studies Thesis Exhibition Series, some rites from a spring reckoning presents a new series featuring the thesis exhibitions of Kelsey Hamilton Davis, Ryan Kitson, Madison Queen, Wade Schuster, and Douglas Wiltshire.

PNCA: Roundtable Discussion on Art and Economics

Minerva Cuevas (artist, Mexico City), Nicholas Brown (professor of English, and African American Studies, University of Illinois Chicago), Keyna Eleison (Artistic Co-director of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz (writer, curator and former director of Bolivia’s National Museum of Art) will respond to two questions: In what ways is art determined by the current economic system? What are alternative models?