Highly abstracted image of broad, effusive strokes of dark green, black, and blue against a pink and blue background.

Storm Tharp: In This Garden

PDX CONTEMPORARY ART is pleased to present, In This Garden, an exhibition of new paintings by Storm Tharp.

Grown from the desire to create monumental, improvisational works, these new paintings employ a calligraphic speed and deft mark-making to create large-scale abstractions of the garden. The quick and confident execution of these works come from years of experienced practice, but the result is the appearance of something effortless and light—a feeling akin to flying or dancing.

Stripes and patterns of cool, earthy greens and golds streak across the center of this segment of paper, against a white gallery wall.


At the same time, through photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media they celebrate the ongoing presence of Native American art and culture and remind us that art is an essential form of activism.