The words "Month of Sundays" in child-like scratch hovers above a much neater font, reading "Anti-Aesthetic / ECA + Tropical Contemporary + Transponder + Oregon Community Foundation."

Month of Sundays

This residency program aimed to mitigate the social, political, and economic barriers to artistic

Ceramic sculpture of plants in a vase, some cartoonish, some metallic and modernist, others vibrant and colorful, delicately detailed, disproportionate, impressionistic, playful—all in an earthy clay vase.

Emily Counts: Souvenir

A generous, dynamic, and tender collection of new sculptures, in which the past and future coalesce into a visual language that is both familiar and utterly new. 

An exhibition flyer for SPECTRUM at Third Room, featuring artists Francis Dot and Pace Taylor

Spectrum: Francis Dot & Pace Taylor

Francis Dot and Pace Taylor are two artists who locate themselves as different instantiations of the SPECTRUM and were invited to present elements and particles of their practice, identity, history and consciousness of themselves as they are situated in relation to their relative experiences.