A cupid, winged and bow-bearing, hovers beside the letters "I" "C" and "A," fixed on the wall with arrows.

Chris Martin: Ancient as Time

The installation will feature large soft sculptures, employing boldly expressive lettering with stark, blunt immediacy that challenges the weight of our world with naked solidarity.

Two planetary orbs hover in a haze, one before the other, with a something void between them.

High Plains

Ranging in mediums from exposures on gelatin silver photo paper, to reclaimed wood lath constructions, and layered painting and drawing on canvas, these three artists use unique vocabularies to compose reflections of individual experience.

Sadie Barnette: Inheritance

Employing archival material–such as the 500-page dossier compiled by the FBI surveilling her father, Rodney Barnette, during his time in the Black Panther Party–the artist wields the personal nature of generational inheritance to inflect international political struggle with urgency, collapsing temporal distinctions of past and present.

Two bodies, their body hair, features, and proportions cartoonishly and lovingly exaggerated, are tangled in pleasure, one enwrapped in the legs of another.

Jeffrey Cheung: Did you know love is healing?

Cheung’s paintings repel ideas of heteronormativity and stress the idea that representation matters. The ambiguous characters, undefinable by race or gender, are instead typified by the joy that they share, and the light they spark in one another.

Arches of dark brush strokes curve and overlap each other, forming something of a bridge and dripping down the whitespace at the bottom of the page.

Charlie Milgrim: Water in Motion

She works in painting, sculpture, installation, and photography, and with a wide range of materials including bowling balls, discarded objects, and folded tar paper.