A femme jack o'lantern figure is surrounded by a board-game-like-tile border composed of bats, hammers, eyeballs, and stars. The painting is composed of green hues and patterned backgrounds.

Olivia Faith Harwood: Possessions, Possessions

Harwood’s inaugural solo exhibition features a series of paintings reflecting on the burdens of adolescent dilemmas, shame and the deconstruction of identity. By referencing the occult and feminist horror tropes, Harwood conjures a supernatural world that is at once sinister and playful.

Faded rectangular blotches, arranged in an uneven grid on top of a window pane, blur otherwise arbitrary boundaries of color.

Jinie Park: Windows

Elizabeth Leach Gallery is pleased to present Windows, new abstract works by Jinie Park that combine painting and sculpture, and feature radiant color washes on cut-out canvases.

Hanging on a white wall, wide, decisive, and airy brushstrokes remember a huddle of trees beyond a dirt road and beneath a misty, yawning sky.

Stephen Hayes – Re:place

The sheer beauty of the imagery is immediately seductive while the title Re:place invites further contemplation on broader themes of renewal, reckoning or reconsiderations of our place within these bucolic settings.