William Matheson: Dissipatio

By exploring the tensions between exterior and interior and the atemporality of life in this moment, Matheson reveals that a creative practice can not only be an antidote to anxiety, but can also invite connection during a period of extreme detachment. 

FORM&SEEK // Proximity

The Form&Seek Design Studio focuses on newly developed processes and contemporary craft techniques that prioritize creating unique products and experiences. Featuring work from artists Irina Flore, Ákos Huber, Karen Lee, Laura Papp, and Bilge Nur Saltik, these designers bring together form, function, play and materiality within the gallery space.

Ceramic sculpture of plants in a vase, some cartoonish, some metallic and modernist, others vibrant and colorful, delicately detailed, disproportionate, impressionistic, playful—all in an earthy clay vase.

Emily Counts: Souvenir

A generous, dynamic, and tender collection of new sculptures, in which the past and future coalesce into a visual language that is both familiar and utterly new. 

A painting of four pink-skinned people with shoulder length wavy black hair. Their bodies are staggered. Starting with the person in the left corner, shown in profile, each person turns progressively more to their left until the person on the right faces away from the viewer. Scattered clouds in a light blue sky over a red sea fills the horizon in the background.

Sasha Zirulnik: Young Hearts Run Free

The paintings and sculptures on view in Young Hearts Run Free, Zirulnik’s debut exhibition at Nationale, were all made during the pandemic and the current racial justice uprising. Shifting materials and moods, from playful found object sculptures to pensive self-portraits on canvas, reveal the artist’s deep dive into her creative practice as a form of survival.