A gold, head-shaped form is painted on a peach background. The entire composition covers a braille textured surface.

Conversations in the Dark

Municipal Bonds is pleased to announce Conversations in the Dark, our summer group exhibition, on view June 25–August 20, 2022. Featuring ten artists represented by the gallery, selected works mine relationships between interior and exterior worlds.

A simplified rocketship hovers over color fields of green and pink.

Mihail: Rocketships

Municipal Bonds is honored to present Rocketships, a mixed media exhibition by the late Bulgarian-born American artist Mihail (1929–2021).

Like the undulating interior of a beehive, this piece combines hundreds of small cylinders of wood to form a porous, contorting wall.

Yvonne Mouser: The Shape of Time

She approaches each new object-making effort as an exercise in restraint, focusing on the purity of an idea and the most direct construction methods in an attempt to achieve simplicity in the final outcome.

A watercolor painting featuring translucent, blood red shapes radiating out from the bottom left edge of the frame. the shapes are variously sized oblong ovals. The background is light grey. There are two red dots of paint on the left side of the painting, and two thin lines of splattered paint extend from the red composition.

Danielle Dimston: Lightness of Being

Dimston creates watercolors and drawings notable for a minimalist palette, linear composition, and transcendent field. Her work radiates emotional honesty through purity of the line—accessed by repetition, gradation, and undulation.