Arches of dark brush strokes curve and overlap each other, forming something of a bridge and dripping down the whitespace at the bottom of the page.

Charlie Milgrim: Water in Motion

She works in painting, sculpture, installation, and photography, and with a wide range of materials including bowling balls, discarded objects, and folded tar paper.

Three square images in a row, all yellow and black, the center featuring a glare of white—these right-angled, geometric mazes seem to be woven out of letters, words, phrases.

Pantea Karimi: Artful Attacks

In her pieces, Karimi has appropriated geometric and tiling patterns with Kufic script from a 97-foot late medieval Iranian document called the Topkapi scroll housed at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

A spire of strips of cloth, knotted together, hangs from the ceiling and spreads on the ground, perfectly divided in eight different directions.

Kathleen King: Other Lives

Kathleen King emphasizes the personal, social, and cultural aspects of collecting and arranging found materials in her exhibition, Other Lives.

A crumpled piece of paper stained shades of blue from saturated cobalt to bright turquoise. The paper appears to have been tightly crushed, then reopened, revealing many folds.

Andrea Brewster: Frozen Moment

Created out of wet formed vellum paper, Andrea Brewster’s new body of sculptural work entitled “Frozen Moment” explores the delicate, yet energetically dynamic processes of the natural world and the chaotically creased geography of crumpled paper.