A 3D digital rendering of a room with art installed on the walls. On left wall, a giant photograph of two people standing on desert rocks under a clear blue sky fills the wall from floor to ceiling. A large abstract, vertical landscape painting hangs on the back wall. Large windows fill the right wall, and through them you see a huge floating planet. The walls are white and the floor is light gray marble.

Phenomenology of Hope

Hope is an evasive phenomenon. For some it is a most harmful impairment, for others, it is one of the highest human virtues. It is difficult to precisely define but seems to leave its imprints on every aspect of human life and practice. Some embrace the expression of hope as an innate human virtue that refuses to condone the suffering in this world, while others perceive it as an escapists’ inability to confront the realities of the world.

A digital image of a surreal landscape. There is a perfectly still pool of water reflecting a dark sky, with smooth silver rocks studded throughout. In the background, a platform holds screen showing a glowing orange blob.

Artificial Ecologies

Artificial Ecologies is a virtual exhibition: it is both an architectural space and thematic grouping of the artworks of Isabel Beavers, Maru Garcia, Richelle Gribble, and Julian Stein. The space embodies systems of ecology that shift in scale and relate through macro/micro relationships. The initial iteration will be expanded, enveloping additional artists projects following the ReFest exhibition.