Black text on a white background reads "hard & SOFT." The word "hard" is in fluffy, cloudy, doughy letters with a highly contrasted black shadow. The ampersand is in a simple sans serif font. The word "SOFT" is all capitalized and in a bubble sans serif font that has cracks and lines.

hard & SOFT

Congress Yard Projects’ first exhibition of 2021, hard & SOFT will submit the artworks to continuous display outside, throughout the wet dragging days of late winter. This turns our previous format on its head from the summer series of weekend long exhibitions where artworks susceptible to the elements are moved inside nightly. Rather, hard & SOFT will run for 1344 hours, from late January til Spring Equinox, showcasing works that stand resolute under the weight of the grey dripping sky, alongside works that embrace weathering transformation and decay. On view will be a range of works from the most obstinately impervious, to those that might melt, fade, or rot away in reaction to the elements, as well as some that depend upon the impacts of duration and exposure for their full potential. At times, the exhibition will be only open to viewers when it is raining, and others just available after dark, to make the most of the existing perceptual conditions.


Hannah Bakken
Shelby Baldridge
Amy Bay
Bruce Conkle
Misha Davydov
Sarah Farahat
Emily Ginsburg
Linda Hutchins
Ariana Jacob
Brandi Kruse
Shelbie Loomis
Mack McFarland
Mazey Moon
Mark Owens
Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen
Julie Perini
Jess Perlitz
M Prull
Michael & Jen Reinsch
Reuben Roqueni
Emily Squires
Elaina Tardif
Samuel Wildman
Olya Zovskaya



Many rough-edged, semi-transparent red rectangles layered over each other. They all have writing on them, such as "ancient" "observer" "chair" "rising sun" "ancestor," and "tongue." Over all the other words and layers, the word "MOTHER" is written twice in large scratchy black letters.

Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency 20th Anniversary Folio

The Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology was established in 2002 to provide working artists with little or no printmaking experience the opportunity to explore a new creative medium with guidance, instruction and technical assistance from an expert etching printer.

This unique exhibit will showcase prints created by nine Schnnitzer Residency alumni plus master printmaker Julia D’Amario.

In order to demonstrate the relationship between mediums each artist will showcase artwork made in their traditional medium alongside the print made during their time at Sitka. Juxtaposing the artist’s traditional medium with the print demonstrates how they translate their skills and vision across mediums. The comparisons and contrasts created can be evocative and revealing about each artist.

Several virtual artist talks are planned as part of the exhibition. Please check the Waterstone Gallery or Sitka Center for Art and Ecology websites for more information.

Artists in the exhibition are:
Baba Wagué Diakite, Sabina Haque, Linda Hutchins, Dana Lynn Louis, Ryan Pierce, Larry Thomas, Patti Warashina, Heather Watkins, Marie Watt, and Julia D’Amario.