Each portion of a grid with four quadrants is made distinct by the color of its feverish squiggles, it's geometric shadows and its interruptive lines, both fore- and backgrounded.

Molly Vaughan: Project 42

Through the creation of garments and diverse collaborative memorial actions, Vaughan raises awareness of the violence that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, particularly trans women of color, face in contemporary American society with “42” referencing the average lifespan of someone in this community.

A person with buzzed brown hair looks intensely into the camera over a pair of aviator sunglasses, which are reflecting a black and white striped floor. In one raised hand, the person holds a stiletto shoe with sequins on its sole. The other hand holds a red brick with sequins on one side. The scene is saturated with a purple glow.


Fox Whitney’s ongoing interdisciplinary performance and research project, MELTED RIOT, moves from its latest iteration, Chromatic, presented at On the Boards, into the online photography and print collection of the Henry Art Gallery. Interacting with the Henry’s collection in private and public ways, Fox and his Gender Tender collaborators will approach this research with the intent of unearthing and/or highlighting the queer and transitional qualities they discover as they zoom in and out of the artwork, and the queer and transitional qualities in their bodies, minds, and spirits.