A still of a film by Christopher Harris. It shows a Black man’s face looking into the lens, with layers of light lines floating across the frame, and a large blown out bright spot covering the person’s left eye.

New Labor Movements

Oakland-based curator Leila Weefur organizes the program to consider the question of “What is America today?” as inspired by ‘Lessons of the Hour,’ British artist Isaac Julien’s immersive film and photographic exhibition on the life and legacy of Frederick Douglass.

Collage of black and white photos, displayed inside a street-level room with floor-to-ceiling windows, next to a parking garage. In the background on the left, a large white hand is set against a black background, which covered in random lines. A negative photo of a hand is superimposed on top. On the right, portions of black-and-white photos are cut into the shapes of hands and arranged abstractly.

Dionne Lee: touch and go

“touch and go” is an installation curated by Leila Weefur of large scale mixed media collages and video works that source, reenact, and re-photograph images from wilderness survival books, exploring the relationship between rescue, danger, and the necessity of touch.