Fernando Reyes: This Land

In this exhibition, Reyes will show work in multiple media: paper cutouts of blooming irises from his garden, landscape paintings in oil, and a large-scale woodcut titled “Winter Oak”. Fernando’s exhibition expresses the visual pleasures of the classic California landscape surrounding this sanctuary in the Sierra Foothills.

A impressionist painting of a woman walking into a lake. Her face is angled down to look at the water. The whole scene is warm hued, and the surrounding nature reflects in the lake's surface.

Drew Bennett: The River Laughs While The Sky Cries

There is an underlying tension to being in nature. In the same moment, one can be awestruck yet quite literally fall off the trail. Knowing this, Bennett aims to remind the viewer of the rewards for giving over to the world around us, even to the extent of getting lost, an experience and feeling he holds onto deeply out in nature and as part of his studio process.

In the left half of the image, a sculpture by Sharif Farrag sits on a tall white plinth. To the right, a small landscape painting by Lois Dodd hangs on the wall.

Lois Dodd & Sharif Farrag

Adams and Ollman is pleased to announce an intergenerational pairing of two solo exhibitions: a selection of paintings from 1986 to 2017 by Lois Dodd (b. 1927) on view alongside new ceramic sculptures by Sharif Farrag (b. 1993). This marks Farrag’s first exhibition at the gallery as well as the first significant presentation of Dodd’s work on the West Coast.