Hanging on a white wall, wide, decisive, and airy brushstrokes remember a huddle of trees beyond a dirt road and beneath a misty, yawning sky.

Stephen Hayes – Re:place

The sheer beauty of the imagery is immediately seductive while the title Re:place invites further contemplation on broader themes of renewal, reckoning or reconsiderations of our place within these bucolic settings.

A muted starscape materializes as if just behind a cloud, with a handful of individual stars glowing yellow and red and orange, and clusters of stars sinking into the deep, purple void of the background.

Peter Halasz: Heartsong

Free from narrative, this painting is more closely resonant with a sonic arrangement or reverberation which exists in a space of nocturnal ambiguity.

painting features multiple faces in the foreground, most of their eyes closed and features blurred, as well as a woman in a white dress standing in the center of the frame, resting her hand on what seems to be a chair. The shape of a heart enwraps much of the background of the work.

Shelley Turley: Sound of Silence

Shelley Turley creates dreamlike, mysterious paintings that explore themes of displacement, longing, mourning, and spiritual reflection. Through Turley’s energetic and intuitively painted gestures, intimate or odd scenes emerge.

Installation image of Earth at Adams and Ollman gallery. The photograph shows a corner of the gallery with five paintings hung on white walls. On the left is a large canvas with abstract, psychedelic botanical imagery next to a much smaller canvas with imperceptible content from the image's distance. On the right wall are three square paintings of the same size, each depicting flowers. One uses deep blue hues, one pinks and dark greens, and one pinks and reds.


Using painting as a common language, the artists included in Eartha examine the concept of the natural world and their relationship to it. Together, the works offer a different way of being in the world, one that is personal, interconnected, and spiritual, while raising questions of representation, politics, gender and pleasure.

Fernando Reyes: This Land

In this exhibition, Reyes will show work in multiple media: paper cutouts of blooming irises from his garden, landscape paintings in oil, and a large-scale woodcut titled “Winter Oak”. Fernando’s exhibition expresses the visual pleasures of the classic California landscape surrounding this sanctuary in the Sierra Foothills.