A black and white painting of a woman with full wavy hair that extends to the top left and right corners of the canvas. Her hands are crossed under her chin, and her eyes are two huge black circles with an orange sun or moon setting in a black sky, reflected in a black body of water. Black drips from her eyes.

8-Bridges November Exhibition

The second presentation of 8-bridges is now live. The November gallery list includes: Altman SiegelBerggruenHaines, CULT Exhibitions, Karen Jenkins Johnson, Paulson Press, Rena Bransten, and Hosfelt. 

Each month, the platform highlights the crucial work of a Bay Area non-profit arts organization as its beneficiary. An initial contribution is led by Phillips. This month, we feature Creative Growth, a non-profit based in Oakland, CA that serves artists with disabilities by providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition, and representation.

The second discussion under the rubric “Bridging the Bay Area Art World” is a Zoom panel with Susan Sayre Batton (Director, San Jose Museum of Art), Thomas P. Campbell (Director, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco), and Monetta White (Director, Museum of the African Diaspora), chaired by journalist Jori Finkel (of The New York Times and The Art Newspaper) on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 6pm.

Future presentations on the platform will launch on the first Thursday of every month and will include an evolving roster of galleries and contributors.



A bright and colorful mosaic made of ceramic shards, woven grass fans, and string. The mosaic depicts an abstract portrait of a sharp toothed police officer with one hand raised in a "stop" gesture.

Figurative Summer

Jenkins Johnson Projects is pleased to present Figurative Summer, our first virtual exhibition. Figurative Summer features the work of Ludovic Nkoth, Cameron Welch, Raelis Vasquez, and Amani Lewis. The works of these emerging artists, which encompass veins of both abstraction and figuration, represent the body in radical ways to tell stories and explore vital social concerns. The exhibition will open with Nkoth, followed by Welch, Vasquez and Lewis joining later in the summer. Each artist will be the Spotlight Artist for seven days, following which they will be presented in the group exhibition June 24–August 27, 2020.

June 24–July 2 – Ludovic Nkoth
July 9–16 – Cameron Welch
August 6–13 – Raelis Vasquez
August 20–27 – Amani Lewis