A curvy, ruby red vase takes on distorted and jumbled, caricature-esc features of a devil, including horns and a cartoony grin.

tierra de GIGANTES | Iván Carmona

The works are representative of his own personal experiences, which come together to reconstruct the landscape and culture of his homeland, manifesting a synesthetic fantasy of shape and color.

Beside a blue chair, a small table holds two books, stacked atop each other—the title of the book on top is "Confessions Jessica Jackson Hutchins"—and a small pink sculpture, which bulges and reaches and points, with limbs of two dimensional shape and curve.

Bitter cherry, Bleeding heart

As the hard-edged forms of the glass and concrete architecture meet the natural vegetation beyond, so Bitter cherry, Bleeding heart counterposes those artists working from a logic of abstraction to those mining the variously and deeply alive.

A digital rendering of a rooftop patio with art hanging on glass walls, and a purple abstract sculpture on a plinth

Within the Distance

A virtual garden exhibition that hangs in the trees, sky, and in a treehouse by Jay Nelson at Johansson Projects West.